Third Party Intervention & Control

Specialist in house Third Party teams deploy sophisticated techniques from the outset in an attempt to minimise risks of unnecessary exposure, ensure brand protection and cost savings for our clients.

Our KPIs dictate that we capture the third party within 1 hour of the accident and immediately assess their needs and thereafter effectively manage their journey through to resolution of the case, thus minimising risks of unnecessary exposure, ensuring brand protection and cost savings for our clients.

We have found that by early intervention, and by maintaining ongoing dialogue with third parties more often than not, there is no injury claim to consider.  By deploying our strategy from the outset for a period usually 14 days – if a claim for personal injury was to be prevented at any stage after this period this could be easily discounted on the basis of the evidence collected.  Our evidence may include (however is not limited to) written evidence/email, call recordings, field investigations etc.

Should it be the case that a legitimate third party claim for personal injury is presented, once we have exhausted our background checks (including claims history), we will then determine best strategy to deal with each individual case.

Third party needs may include recovery, vehicle inspection, repair and replacement.  If so required we can facilitate all such requirements in-house
Our Operational Coordinators and teams are trained to deal with any given scenario and are always empathetic, friendly, professional and commercially aware.

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