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Introducing amber:assist

A well regarded provider of specialist accident aftercare and on-going mobility. Our teams have helped more than 27,500 clients to navigate through the mayhem following accidents, both fault and non-fault since we opened ten years ago.

As our business has grown over the years we have never lost sight of our commitment to our customers and their clients. We continue to put unwavering accident aftercare and unparalleled customer service at the heart of everything we do. We’re extremely proud to be based in the UK with strategic nationwide recovery, repair and replacement networks. Our response centre is operational 24/7/365 ensuring our experts are here when your clients need us most. Whether a minor incident or major incident including fatalities our teams are empathic, reassuring and duly qualified to deal with any given scenarios.

Core Values & Cultures

We take great pride in our reputation.  Our teams aim to persistently exceed customers’ expectations by consistently raised the bar, by offering unparalleled levels of service, caring about those we work with and those environments we operate in.

Our core values & cultures have remained the same since inception and we believe are vital to the success of our business


WE ARE A TEAM – We capitalise upon creative energy and passion that working with a great team creates.


WE ARE A FAMILY – Our relationships are far deeper than simply being colleagues at work.  We genuinely care for each other, our clients and partners.  We’re all on the same team


WE WORK HARD – Our teams “bring it” every day. Undoubtedly experience, skill and knowledge are necessary for good results however it is our collective passion to be the best that is our driving force


WE ARE HONEST – Honest communication is the best foundation in any relationship. We exhibit honesty, professionalism and integrity at all times


WE ARE TRUE INNOVATORS – In an ever-changing landscape what makes us different makes us better. 


WE ARE HUMBLE – We treat others as we would expect to be treated ourselves, we’ve never spoken to anyone who wasn’t important.


WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY – Taking pride in all that we do,  ultimately means that we will not settle.  We will continue to think bigger and better.


WE ARE PERFORMANCE DRIVEN – We value dedication and actively reward and celebrate results.  Our goals are always challenging but by helping each other success is usually inevitable


WE EMBRACE CHANGE – We have great agility and can adapt to change quickly.  Change creates endless possibilities and provides us with unique opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

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  • Reliable

Repairs Across The UK
Replacement Vehicle Access UK wide
Hour Third Party Intervention Deployment
Day Response Centre (24/7)

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We’d love to hear from you regarding our wide range of services. Please see the information below or complete our contact form and one of our team members will be happy to help.


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Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Our accident response team are available 24 hours a day.

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Amber House, Green Lane, Liverpool L13 7GD


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